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Our Passion is People …

Guiding them to create

the best version of themselves

My experience of growing up as a multi-sport athlete and later working in diverse roles in the corporate realm and entertainment industry has reinforced one undeniable truth: every human body is unique. As I transitioned into the field of physical therapy, my fascination with the consistency of our inconsistent bodies grew even stronger. Each patient I encountered presented a unique set of challenges, requiring me to address injuries, cultivate new skills, accommodate compensations, and reshape mindset. The vulnerability and determination of my patients inspired me, and their appreciation for our unwavering commitment to their success was truly humbling. Above all, I discovered the profound impact of implementing gradual changes that accumulate over time, resulting in remarkable strength and healing.

Custom Programs

We understand the constraints of the “one size fits all” approach prevalent in the fitness industry, which frequently falls short in delivering effective solutions for individuals from various backgrounds. We acknowledge that each client faces distinct challenges due to their genetic makeup, lifestyle choices, and unique environments. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of well-informed and personalized strategies that incorporate suitable regressions. Unlike “FAD” diets, we recognize that our bodies require a higher level of customization to truly thrive.

Fitness is a Journey

We are deeply passionate about people – connecting with them, motivating them, and sharing life’s journey together. We are dedicated to empowering each individual to find success even in the face of previous setbacks. Our goal is to assist our community in cultivating a positive mindset and guiding them, step by step, towards becoming the best version of themselves.

Jill is the first trainer I’ve had that really focuses on me. She took the time to learn about my lifestyle and customized a health plan around it. She doesn’t just care a lot about fitness, she lives for it.

Christian AgyptProducer | Atlanta, GA

About Jill

Jill Charton — Atlanta-based celebrity, executive & personal trainer; keynote speaker; and the founder of iFour.Life — can help you take 4% of your day (just one hour) and transform it into a healthier and more confident version of yourself.

Jill is an entrepreneur who became a personal trainer to imagine someone at their best and support them on their journey. What sets Jill apart is her experience, energy, and intuition, which allows her to build trust with any personality. With her background in physical therapy, Jill meets you where you are physically, mentally, and emotionally. She teaches the foundation of functional rotation, progressing her clients safely and effectively.

Jill’s passion for helping people has led her to expand into keynote speaking and TV appearances. Jill consults for Marvel, DC, Warner Bros, Apple and Netflix.

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