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Full body exercises are a great way to wake up your body, especially if you’re sitting for a larger percentage of the day at work. A lot of people have this mindset that they have to put in a solid hour at the gym to get an effective workout in. Guess what…not true! Let’s change our mindset with the simple thought of, “How can I move my body more throughout the day?” I promise you, your joints and mind will be in a much better place. Having worked in Physical Therapy, I am all about meeting you where you’re at in your fitness journey. The below exercises are my Top 4 Full Body Exercises. While they are considered, HIIT rotations, keep in mind that you can modify your workouts to where your body’s state is currently at. Our bodies are all different, so accepting where you’re at, then progressing from there is a fantastic start!

  • Skaters
    Training in lateral rotations help to work our stabilizing muscles, balance and coordination.
  • Lateral Shoots
    This exercise is a great full body workout and will get your heart rate up in seconds!
  • Burpees (or 180 burpees)
    To add a challenge during your jump, change mid air to face the other way and see how consistent you are with your lands!
  • Oblique Hops
    This full body exercise will target your obliques and is a great shoulder burn too.