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Jill is the first trainer I’ve had that really focuses on me. She took the time to learn about my lifestyle and customized a health plan around it.

Christian AgyptProducer | Atlanta, GA

“Jill is an extremely knowledgeable and talented trainer – the best of the best. She has brought me through a pregnancy and kicked my fitness up to the next level after having a baby. My sessions always fly by as she creates a fun and motivating atmosphere that lends itself to hard work and RESULTS!”

Mandi Christine KerrActress | Atlanta, GA

“I have worked with Jill for years. Because she has injury prevention knowledge, I can trust to send my patients to Jill and know that she will communicate with me a game plan before training the individual. She always wants to make sure we both are on the same page with progressing the patient appropriately. Jill is committed to having a client reach their goals and have fun in the process!”

Ramsey LucasPhysical Therapist & Clinical Director of Outpatient Orthopedic Clinic | Atlanta, GA

“I love Jill’s approach to fitness. Not only do I get an awesome work out when I am with her, but she has given me the tools to workout at home. My life changed for the better when I walked through that door and started working out. I am a better version of myself. I am healthier, more confident, and excited for every workout with Jill!”

Meredith MeadeProducer | Atlanta, GA

“Jill is by far the best personal trainer I’ve used. Her vast knowledge and experience allows her to create the perfect personalized training program for anyone. Jill has nailed finding the perfect balance of a healthy and fun lifestyle, while maintaining a safe and judgement free zone.”

Erica HutlasManager for Employee Communications, Delta | Atlanta, GA

“Jill is an exceptional personal trainer! Her passion for fitness and devotion to her clients, along with her physical therapy background and training expertise, has helped me to completely recover from a tram flap surgery! With my surgeon removing 90% of my rectus abdominis, Jill has not only helped me lose weight, but has also made me stronger, leaner, more energetic, and in the best shape of my life…all while having FUN!!! Whether you are looking to change up your fitness routine, or like me, start a new one, Jill is the trainer for you…you will not regret it!!!”

Maria KachadurianData Analysis | Atlanta, GA

“Jill is a very skilled trainer. She understands functional movement and how to really maximize time in an hour! She is high energy and an incredibly positive person. If you want a great workout, Jill will kick your ass, but you will have fun doing it!”

Walter JospinLawyer | Atlanta, GA

Jill is a phenomenal trainer! She always considers my goals and limits and she encourages me to grow past them.

Kristi SmithLicensed Massage Therapist | Atlanta, GA

“Training with Jill has completely changed my outlook on getting healthy! Training in the past has been a chore and I would drag myself to the gym but with Jill, I actually look forward to my workouts. She is always switching things up and introducing new exercise to make the workout fun and challenging, Jill personalizes and creates workouts for your body and goals and really listens to her clients’ needs. She will be my trainer for life!!!”

Rachel BrownExecutive Assistant | Los Angeles, CA

“I came to Jill after suffering chronic lower back pain for 6 years. I tried a number of Physical Therapists and Chiropractors but could never find relief from the pain. Jill taught me exercises to strengthen my core without hurting my back. She is very knowledgeable and caring and would text me regularly between sessions to make sure I was doing well. In combination with her exercises, Jill connected me with the best Physical Therapist. Thanks to Jill, I am no longer in need of PT and I am continuing the exercises she taught me from home.”

Rob BellamyAirline Pilot, Delta | Atlanta, GA

“I began working with Jill over 10 years ago and she has not only changed my build for the better, but my life! I work in a high, mentally stressful job in the Aviation industry, which requires shift work adding to physical stress and irregular sleep patterns. Balancing home life, a career, and the rest of life, while trying to eat right and stay fit is a challenge to say the least. Jill challenged my line of thinking, encouraged me and changed my way of thinking about exercise and food. I knew I needed to get my body and eating habits turned around and Jill was right there all along the way to help me make good, wise and sound choices. The most important thing that she has done for my family and I has been to challenge us to change our habits. This included helping me get control of my type-2 Diabetes without depending on any medication! Jill is legit and regardless of what you are looking for in a personal trainer, you will find it in her. I could never recommend anyone but her, she is a life changer.”

Steve ProffittAir Traffic Manager, FAA | Atlanta, GA

“Jill is a truly an amazing personal trainer and coach. She is not only extremely knowledgeable and motivational, but also personable and cares deeply about her clients. I have become stronger, more confident, and healthier in all areas of my life since I’ve been training with her.”

Sara SheetsProduction Supervisor | Atlanta, GA

“Jill trained my wife post back surgery and I saw right away how knowledgeable, committed, and enthusiastic she was. I started training with her, too. Jill is the first trainer I’ve had that really focuses on me. She took the time to learn about my lifestyle and customized a health plan around it. I don’t have a lot of consistency with my work schedule and Jill takes that into account with a real focus on nutrition, emphasizing the importance of sleep, and coming up with a fun, challenging fitness program. She’s provided a wide array of exercises that I can do anywhere at any time, with minimal or no equipment. She’s really motivated me with her optimism and positivity and I’ve seen her impact on so many others. She doesn’t just care a lot about fitness, she lives for it.”

Christian AgyptProducer | Atlanta, GA

“Jill is a great personal trainer and even a better person! She cares about you as a person and takes that enthusiastic care into her personal training. I have a health issue that creates certain cardio exercises difficult, but I wanted to stay in shape and healthy while in college in North Carolina, so she passionately coached me via FaceTime while working around certain exercise restrictions.”

Abby BirrellClinical Research Coordinator | Greenville, SC

“I do not like to workout but when I met Jill, she changed my life! Because I have a demanding work schedule, she came to my home to train me which was convenient! Jill also advised me on how to eat healthier not only for me, but for my family as well! One of the great things I love about Jill is that she is always a phone call or email away. She helps you feel great about yourself, regain your confidence, and is always in a positive mood!”

Falessia HillAccounts Receivable Supervisor | Atlanta, GA

“I started training with Jill as soon as I got engaged. My wedding was on the beach, so not only did she help me get wedding dress ready, she got me bikini ready! Jill created the perfect workout sessions for me and my personal goals. She always pushed me to be my best and always changed up my workouts so I never got bored! The days I workout on my own, I'm always doing exercises that she taught me. Jill goes above and beyond for her clients! She is motivating, leads by example, and is all around an awesome person!”

Brittany TrejoHair Stylist | Atlanta, GA

“I am not one who loves the gym but I absolutely love my sessions with Jill. She is amazing, personable, fun, motivating and knowledgeable. I appreciate the 1:1 workout experience and she always teaches proper technique and body mechanics, while helping you achieve your workout goals!”

Timithia CoferGeneral Manager at Delta | Atlanta, GA

“I didn’t start running until after I had my second child. I was 200 pounds when I started running and got hooked! When I met Jill, I was training for the Chicago Marathon. I told her my goal was just to finish in the time allotted and finish strong. She reviewed the running program I was following, then she trained me for my goals – focusing on strengthening my core and adding cross training. Jill kept me active with post race training and boot camps as we set new goals together.”

Kendra BrownleeCFO of BrownleeTenor, Inc. | Destin, FL

“How can I put into words what Jill has done for me? It started out as a battle of weight gain and unhealthy eating that I felt was impossible to overcome. When I met Jill, she not only became a trainer to me, but also someone who I could confide in. The workouts were intense but very possible, and the habits she taught me to abide by, have become my new normal. Nothing is impossible in her eyes, regardless of what condition or shape that you're in. Today, I am in the best shape of my life! The determination Jill has, drives you to want to reach your full potential and every area of my life has improved. You are able to go to the beat of your own drum with Jill as she customizes every plan to suit your individual needs!”

Stephanie Seay-RadData Science Manager, ESPN Bet | Atlanta, GA

“I discovered Jill through her solid reputation among the Community. I became a client and quickly appreciated her motivational coaching as she continually pushed me during our sessions, I quickly saw results! Her skills and knowledge in kinesiology was key for my personal training goals!”

April GreenPittsburg, PA

“Jill is such an amazing energy to help motivate and push you while keeping you feeling confident in yourself. She helps to propel you toward your goals in fitness and health. I recommend her to everyone who is looking for an excellent trainer and coach!”

Meredith CoatsCostume Supervisor | Atlanta, GA

If you want a great workout, Jill will kick your ass, but you will have fun doing it!

Walter JospinLawyer| Atlanta, GA

“Jill is a phenomenal trainer! She always considers my goals and limits and she encourages me to grow past them. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and how to protect it from injury during training. Anyone from professional athletes, corporate America, or stay at home moms would greatly benefit from her knowledge and wide range of training techniques. Since I have started training with her, I have noticed great improvement in my strength and endurance during my massage therapy sessions!”

Kristi SmithLicensed Massage Therapist | Atlanta, GA

“Comfort and exercise are not two words that usually go together for me but Jill makes it a reality! I am grateful to have someone push me out of my comfort zone while simultaneously making me feel unstoppable! I look forward to exercise and being supported each and every session!”

Sarah WilliamsProduction Supervisor | Atlanta, GA

“Jill is phenomenal. She is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also incredibly supportive and understanding. She takes the time to understand each woman's unique goals and fitness levels, tailoring the exercises accordingly. Her approach are both challenging and fun, which makes every session enjoyable. I love it with her!”

Brittany MarshmanProject Manager | Atlanta, GA

“Jill is a very motivating and passionate trainer to work with! She's always pumped and ready to go with new ideas and routines to keep me interested and productive. Jill focuses on form and has taught me a wide variety of workouts that are convenient and can easily be done from home or work. Jill has been very diligent with challenging me to accomplish my goals, encouraging me to eat clean and overall have a healthy lifestyle! Jill’s personality is epitome of what every personal trainer should strive for!”

Patricia DeznanAir Traffic Controller, FAA | Chicago, IL

“As someone who has tried to always include exercise in their life, I have come to appreciate the value of a really good trainer. Having sustained a number of injuries over the years I have learned to distinguish between a great trainer and a mediocre one. The difference between the two can save you mountains of money, time, energy, and freedom from injury. I will no longer work with anyone who does not have a strong knowledge of the human body. I selected Jill because of the time she spent in a physical therapy environment learning the body and her ability to communicate how to maximize exercise and minimize stress. The fact that she’s adorable and a pleasure to be around mattered far less to me than how effective her training is. I would encourage anyone at any age to learn from Jill as she has a different approach to training!”

Michele NormanSanta Fe, NM

“From the first meeting Jill made me feel comfortable and seen! Being postpartum and everything that comes with it, she took the time to understand my goals and built a plan to meet my individual needs. What’s even better is that she COMMUNICATES every step of the way so you’re never left wondering. There’s nobody more passionate about supporting women and encouraging you to be your personal best!”

Vanessa NewcombeDirector Procurement | Atlanta, GA

“I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with top trainers during my professional racing and athletic journey, and Jill stands out as one of the best and honestly my favorite. She not only motivates you but possesses a natural talent for grasping your background, aspirations, and the path to help you achieve them.”

Deborah ArrietaStunt Actress | Atlanta, GA

“I had just moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta and I needed a personal trainer who wouldn’t just put me through a workout, but would meet me where I was at both physically and emotionally. Jill came to my house and we discussed everything from what a healthy lifestyle looks like for me and my day to day. She was loving, positive and unbelievably informed about the science of my body. Because of my busy travel schedule, she gives me workouts to do at the hotel, at home or anywhere I land. Her physical therapy background allows her to produce an enormous amount of customization for the exercises, and best of all she is a ball of encouraging energy! Highly recommend.”

Juliet FuntCEO & Keynote Speaker | Atlanta, GA

“Jill bursts with enthusiasm and keeps you motivated. Her focus on form ensures each exercise is giving you the maximum benefit. She is able to work with all levels of fitness and modify for injuries.”

Katie SnyderLife Scientist for Government | Atlanta, GA

“Jill is an incredibly kind and supportive trainer. She meets you at your level and pushes you to challenge yourself every time. She’s passionate about proper form and will work with any injuries or concerns you have. I come out of every session feeling energized and stronger!”

Diana VelasquezAnimation Layout Artist | Atlanta, GA

“Jill is an amazing trainer and has helped me understand important muscle groups and how they work as well as being intentional with each workout! She has been my biggest cheerleader and always accommodates me, my injuries and my schedule! She teaches me about nutrition and how to fuel your body correctly! She is a wealth of knowledge, and I value her and appreciate what she does to help me become better!”

KarissaTeacher | Atlanta, GA