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By Jill Charton, NASM CPT
Founder of iFOUR


1.)  Workout Before Work

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier in the morning! Even if you start off your morning with stretches, a walk, or a light workout, this will put your mind in a better state for the day. When you workout before work you most likely won’t get in that, “I’ll workout later” mentality.

2.) Just Finish One Circuit

Unfortunately, a lot of people associate working out for 1 hour as being an “effective workout.” This is not the case! If you perform just one circuit, but put your all into those rotations, you WILL get your heart rate up and you WILL feel better mentally and physically! We all have busy schedules, but when you repeatedly show up for your workout (whether at home or at the gym), you get into a habit of putting yourself first and not on the back burner.

3.) Make It Social

When you have a team of positive influencers around you, you are more likely to push harder and be consistent. This is no different for working out. Exercising with a friend or family member brings that accountability piece, which means you’re more likely to show up and stick to your habits.

4.) Take Your Lunch Break Outside

If you have the opportunity to take a lunch break, get outside and move! If weather doesn’t permit or you do not have a Company gym, take walks around the office or lobby. Breaking away from your computer and moving during your lunch break will get your heart rate up and you will have a productive afternoon back at your desk.

5.) Schedule Your Workouts

Sometimes our workouts are put at the bottom of our priority list. Instead of saying, “I’ll get to it when I have time,” schedule an appointment on your phone to workout and treat them like your  Doctor’s appointments. The key here is to make this a non-negotiable appointment so you don’t allow yourself to skip a workout. Make this time sacred for you to work on your fitness.