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Your core is an endurance muscle, but how long should you train your core? If you effectively hit your core fibers while working out, you don’t have to spend forever doing crunches and planks. Every individual’s anatomy is different which is why I have designed a customizable, Physical Therapy approved core program. Each workout is under 10minutes, is suitable for all fitness levels and can take place at home or in a gym! Below are my top 4 core exercises to target all muscle fibers of our core!

  • High Boat to Low Boat
    This core exercise challenges your intrinsic core, which is overlooked often.
  • Reverse Crunch
    When raising your pelvis off the floor, this exercise will target your lower abdominals.
  • Plank + Opp Elbow to Knee Crunch
    Doing any exercise that focuses on cross movement patterns is great for both our minds and body!
  • Side Plank + Elbow to Knee Drive
    Make sure you breathe during this transverse exercise because it takes a lot of stabilization, control and focus.