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A lot of people are so focused on working out, but we have to stop and think about this question, “What are my normal stress level patterns (physically and mentally) on a day to day basis?” Are you holding your breath a lot throughout the day and where are you breathing from? Are you sitting all day at work just to come home and sit all evening in front of the TV? If we can be more in tune with our body, we can then start making the daily changes to have a healthier lifestyle. Below are some of my favorite mobility stretches to do first thing in the morning or before I go to bed!

  • Cobra to Downward Dog
    Cobra is an excellent back extension stretch and combining with a downward dog rotation, strengthens your upper body and elongates your spine.
  • Open Book
    If you sit a lot throughout the day or are a side sleeper, this stretch is great for improving mobility throughout your spine and stretching your pecs.
  • Sprinter Stretch + T-Spine Rotation
    Both combos improve circulation while opening up your hips and thoracic spine.
  • Child’s Pose + 3 Way Stretch
    This stretch helps not only helps relieve pain in your back, but opens up your hip complex muscles. When you reach to your right and left sides, this targets your latissimus muscles as well.