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The health industry is always trying to sell us on which diet fad works best.

Don’t be fooled because they will do anything to make you feel like their nutrition plan is the only way to eat to see results! Unfortunately, this leaves people more confused on how to make smart nutrition choices because guess what, life happens!!! We cannot outsmart our body, but mentally speaking, this yo-yo effect can create an unhealthy relationship with food down the road.

My mindset on nutrition is simple – Fuel your body with the balance it needs. Every day, I try to eat 80% clean by incorporating the below 4 staples in my nutrition:

  • Protein (lean cut meats, wild caught salmon & eggs)
  • Healthy Fats (raw nuts, avocados, raw coconut, extra virgin olive oil)
  • Complex Carbs (fruits: berries / veggies: all greens & sweet potatoes (starchy vegetable) / whole grains: oatmeal & brown rice / starches: quinoa (grain like foods)
  • Coffee & dark chocolate!!! These two are an essential for me – ha!

Full disclosure: I am fortunate because I do not have any food sensitivities so what I eat in a given day might not look the same for you. No matter what age you are, nutrition is key and it affects not only our mental state but also our fitness and performance state. So, next time you are out for a work dinner, you are on shift work, eating at school/college, traveling overseas, or taking a family trip, let’s try to look at the big picture and keep our nutrition simple and consistent!